About Ecobaltic
About Ecobaltic

UAB ECOBALTIC has been successfully operating in and outside Lithuania since 2004.

The main activities of the company: wholesale and retail trade in all new parts for trailers, semi-trailers and trucks. The company supplies parts to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and service centers.

Mission of the company: to provide the market with high-quality parts and services while keeping with the principle: quality at a reasonable price.

A significant part of JSC Ecobaltic's activity is to supply  trailer manufacturers with the high quality components. We supply parts to 70% of Lithuanian trailer manufacturers and a part of Estonian and Latvian manufacturers.  Most part of components are: brake systems, coupling systems, solutions for vehicle lighting, toolboxes. For your convenience, we choose the right parts for the production, the customer receives all the assembled system - in one box.  We also do all the necessary tests and measurements. We advise you on braking time improvement issues.

To provide the market with high-quality parts, the main focus is on:

When shaping the range, the company focuses on high-quality and genuine parts.

The company is constantly growing and improving; it establishes new warehouses and expands the range of goods.

The company ensures after-sales service.

The company gives advice on technical issues.

The company organizes seminars and technical training.

Well-developed logistics system.

The company has professional and friendly team of employees. We work in a responsible and professional manner and always try to improve ourselves so that we can meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Our employees regularly attend various technical trainings and seminars, participate in exhibitions.

In 2018-2022, UAB Ecobaltic was certified with the EUROPEAN BUSINESS MASTERS certificate as a leader in its A +++ class sector in the Baltic region! It shows a top level of creditworthiness. We are proud of this achievement, as it once again affirms ECOBALTIC as a reliable business partner.