Truck batteries
Truck batteries

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Each separate battery cell has a voltage of 2,12 Volt (=1.28 kg/l acid density). By connecting the 6 cells in series you get 12.72 Volt DC. Between the charge condition (or capacity), capacity), open circuit voltage, and the acid density exists a certain relation which is valid when a battery is in rest for (at least) 4 hours.  During discharging sulphate originates at the surface of the plates. By charging a battery in a timely manner
this sulphate will be transformed to the original material again. However, when a battery is not charged on time, this sulphate starts to crystallise, which is an irreversible process. This process causes a permanent loss of capacity which results in a considerable lifetime reduction of the battery. When for this reason a battery needs to be replaced, we do not speak about a material and/or production failure of the battery, but insufficient maintenance of the battery. For this reason warranty doesn’t apply.
At 70% battery capacity, as from an open circuit voltage of 12.5 Volt, the battery has to be charged immediately to avoid the above mentioned irreversible process.

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