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  • Parking coolers and conditioners
    AUTOCLIMA has been the first Company able to catch on the market request and to develop a real Air Conditioner working when the engine is switched off, with evident benefits for the user:   Reduction of CO2 emissions : the trucks do not need to keep the engine on when parked or stopped for load   Saving of fuel : a natural...
    Even if you already have a fuel tank caps protection, you can’t feel safe. Fuel robbers can brake expencive fuel suplie system. We offer a reliable, simple and not expensive solution: It is a protection for fuel tank supply system. Tank protection is available in 3 different sizes. Adaptable to most of tanks. All tank protections have a...
  • Tyre sealant liquid ULTRA-SEAL
    The Ultra-Seal product is a preventative tyre sealant liquid. When inserted into a tyre, it repairs most punctures from the inside out. You won’t have to experience a breakdown and you will not even know you had a puncture. The product creates a permanent repair, and keeps working for the life of the tyre. Ultra-Seal converts any pneumatic...
  • Ceramic brake pads
    FRITEC - is a new technology  ceramic brake pads for trucks and buses. JSC Ecobaltic -  is a representative of the Mexican brake parts manufacturer FRITEC in Lithuania. Fritec ceramic material provides reliable and safety braking, low wear and affordable price . Complies with required certi-fications for international sales a...
  • Portable Fridges
    The most popular portable compressor fridge in Lithuania is Dometic CDF-36 Price - 455 € with VAT (376.03 € without VAT) Compressor cooler for refrigeration and deep-freezing Heigh 38 cm Width: 34 cm Depth: 56 cm Temperature range: +10 °C iki -15 °C (electronic thermostat) Storage volume (appro...
  • Extinguishers
    The companies belonging to the ANAF Group are specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of a large range of fire extinguishers of any kind and capacity. Today, AnafGroup is the leading European company in the production, manufacture and distribution of portable fire extinguishers. All ANAF products are designed ...
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