V. Orlandi

Manufacturer  Part number Description Picture Technical 
    GS 91100       Coupling  GS 900
    D 120 kN
    Weight  86kg

RG 00323    Bush bronzina GS90
RG 00327    Coupling rubber boot GS90
RK0006V   Complete king pin with screws Orlandi pirstas Technical information
RG 00419    Bolt kit for coupling GS91000
RG00468   Bolt kit for coupling GS91100
RG00322   COUPLING BALL with bolts, for coupling sukabintuvo obuolys

  Non-automatic CEE transport coupling for farm trailers.
  Mounting holes spacing: 130x60 mm
  vertical load: 2 500 kg, value of D = 100 kN.
  Compatible with all trailers!

V. Orlandi couplings and spare parts pricelist.PDF

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