Manufacturer Part number Description Picture
H651041000   Hinge PIN 6541N
  H651046799   Hinge housing 654N/30
H651114500   6542 threaded plate 8MM
H614122098   Lever For ø18mm or ø16mm rod (H614112151)    
H614112198   Lower bracket (H614170598)
H614168799   Upper bracket
H614167399   Locker For ø18mm or ø16mm rod
H609007800   Centering bridge
H609009100   Hinge 
H614110198E   Tension Master With slotted shaft
  For tube with ø 35mm Left side
H614110098E   Tension Master With slotted shaft 
  For tube with ø 35mm Right side
H614110398E   Tension Master With square shaft 
  For tube with ø 27mm Left side
ECB20017   Adapter  D-27; 12x12 terkšlės adapteris
ECB20018   Adapter  D-27; 12x12 Schmitz
H614110298E    Tension Master With square shaft 
   For tube with ø 27mm Right side
ECB20021   TENDER, left side handle 12 mm
ECB20022  TENDER, right side handle 12 mm
ECB20023  TENDER, left side  handle
ECB20024  TENDER,  right side  handle

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